Kimball Electronics

A global manufacturing solutions provider of contract electronics and diversified manufacturing services.

World headquarters 1205 Kimball Blvd. Jasper, IN
Industries Automotive, Medical,
Industrial & Public Safety
Number of employees 7,200
Fiscal 2022 Revenue $1.35 Billion
Financials Nasdaq: KE
Facilities Poland, China, Thailand, Mexico, Romania, United States, and Vietnam

Our Vision

To be the world’s most preferred multifaceted manufacturing solutions provider

Set the industry standard for quality, reliability, and service Focus on non-commodity products and components that require complexity, quality, reliability, and durability

End-to-End Partnership Solutions

Engineering, Design & Development
New Product Introduction or Transfer of Existing Product
Support and Aftermarket Support Services

Sustainable Long-Term Customer Relationships

These relationships produce an ongoing stream of orders

Programs mostly single-sourced
Recurring revenue with typical length of:
  • Automotive: 5-7 years
  • Medical: 10 years
  • Industrial: 3-5 years
Long-term predictable revenue enables multi-year planning and operating efficiency Projects focused on ROIC

Leader in High Regulated, Complex Industries

Including Automotive, Medical, Industrial, and Public Safety

In fiscal year 2022, Kimball Electronics reported record top-line results with net sales totaling $1.35 billion, an all-time high for the Company. This represents a 4% increase over the prior year, with growth in all end markets the Company serves. As expected, the year was bifurcated with revenue in the third and fourth quarters reaching the highest levels in the Company’s history.

Fiscal Year 2022 Top-Line Growth

Full Year Net Sales
($ in millions)

Net Sales by Quarters
($ in millions)

Net Sales by Vertical Market
($ in millions)

Capital Allocation Strategy

Deployed a capital allocation strategy that included investing in future growth with expansions at multiple facilities, returning cash to Share Owners in the form of stock repurchases, and supporting our customers with strategic inventory builds to mitigate parts shortages, even though the increases adversely impacted certain financial metrics including cash flow, Cash Conversion Days (CCD), and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). We fully expect improvement in these areas as conditions normalize in the global supply chain.

  • Reinvest in the Business
    Significant CapEx spending to fuel multi-year organic growth and expansion in ROIC.

  • Acquisitions
    $50+ million of acquisitions over past seven years. Going forward M&A will play an important role in strategic direction of the Company.

Credit Facility Increased to Support Future Growth

Doubled the primary credit facility with our banking partners with an increase to $300 million, from $150 million. This amended five year revolving credit facility gives us the flexibility to meet CapEx and working capital needs to support expansions, new product introductions, and other long-term strategic goals. As of June 30, 2022, our short-term liquidity available, represented as cash and cash equivalents plus the unused amount of our credit facilities, totaled $178.6 million.

Doubled primary credit facility in fiscal year 2022