Investor Relations


Kimball Electronics was founded in 1961. We are a global, multifaceted manufacturing solutions provider. We provide contract electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) and diversified manufacturing services, including engineering and supply chain support, to customers in the automotive, medical, industrial, and public safety end markets. We offer a package of value that begins with our core competency of producing “durable electronics” and have expanded into diversified contract manufacturing services for non-electronic components, medical disposables, precision molded plastics, and production automation, test, and inspection equipment. This package of value includes our set of robust processes and procedures that help us ensure that we deliver the highest levels of quality, reliability, and service throughout the entire life cycle of our customers’ products. We believe our customers appreciate our body of knowledge as it relates to the design and manufacture of their products that require durability, reliability, the highest levels of quality control, and regulatory compliance. We deliver award-winning service from our highly integrated global footprint which is enabled by a largely common operating system, a standardization strategy, global procedures, and teamwork. Our Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) model is key to providing our customers convenient access to our global footprint and all of our services throughout the entire product life cycle. Because our customers are in businesses where engineering changes must be tightly controlled and long product life cycles are common, our track record of quality, financial stability, social responsibility, and commitment to long-term relationships is important to them.

Our services are sold globally on a contract basis, and we produce products to our customers’ specifications. Our manufacturing services primarily include:

• Design services and support 
• Supply chain services and support 
• Rapid prototyping and new product introduction support 
• Product design and process validation and qualification 
• Industrialization and automation of manufacturing processes 
• Reliability testing (testing of products under a series of extreme environmental conditions) 
• Production and testing of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) 
• Assembly, production, and packaging of medical disposables and other non-electronic products 
• Design engineering and manufacturing of automation, test, and inspection equipment 
• Design engineering and production of precision molded plastics 
• Software design capabilities
• Complete product life cycle management